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Episode 4 : FLARE cover looks
Now at the half way point, the competition really heats up with a challenge that brings top summer beauty trends to life on a mock cover of Flare, Canada’s Fashion Magazine.
The six remaining contestants’ trend-setting skills are put to the ultimate test; one pair of beauty artists will go home in this high excitement, high fashion episode.
The Competition
How did we create Coco’s amazing look? And how did the contestants come up with the hair and makeup looks you see in this week’s episode? Here are the products used to get the looks:
Get this look:
Canada’s Best Beauty Talent is…CAYLEE!
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Best Beauty Talent
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One hair or makeup contestant will win each week. The contestant with the most viewer votes will be awarded one hair OR makeup artist tool kit. Product will be provided by the category sponsor of the episode. Approx value $250. Voting begins 9pm each Sunday night and ends the following Friday midnight. Viewers vote one time per day for their favourite contestant.